It's not an overstatement to say that Sonia is our resident intellectual powerhouse. With a wide range of knowledge, she handles the subtleties of our workflow by making sure invoices are invoiced, payments are paid, and all accounts are accounted for. Acting as the catalyst for our online presence, she handles not only our media updates but all the back end activities involved in being connected through social media. Sonia keeps us organized, productive, and sane, and for that we thank her!

Living the jet-set life of a world citizen, throw a dart at the map and you may likely find she's already there! An album full of beautiful pictures attest to her artistic eye, and a collection of passport stamps displays her diverse adventures. If you have questions about where to go or what to eat, Sonia is the person to ask! On weekends she enjoys drinks with friends and planning her next adventure with the occasional foray into gourmet cuisine.